Tatva by Shraddha Nayak~

Tatva~ that which is
the truth, the principle, the beginning

Prithvi, earth | Apas, water | Agni, fire | Vayu, air | Akash, ether

See? That which IS.
the undeniable & the unimpeachable
the foundation & the paraphernalia

Just like…
Your love for home & hearth
A sense of belonging
And that little nook in the universe that’s all yours.

At Tatva, we create a sense of oneness with the elements of nature.

Tatva by Shraddha Nayak | Tatva Design Solutions

We design carrying the emotions of yesterday, into the dream of tomorrow but for the needs of today.

We represent the Panchatatva in our work, keeping a modern aesthetic in our mind and tranquility in our heart. This will be reflected not only in your space but also in our entire design process.  We realize your home is your dream and as big believers in the ‘process’ of design, we invite you to bring forward those ideas you’ve nurtured for your abode. We ensure a collaborative approach that leads to your unique home.

Tatva believes in fine craftsmanship, in being house proud, and that home signifies a sense of belonging. That an office space is where dreams take flight. And most importantly, that we should give our clients a property that is nothing like anyone else’s- a signature space that is uniquely theirs.

The hopes of Yesterday
The desires of Today
The dreams for Tomorrow

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